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Killin’ a cacio e pepe pizza for breakfast, bro!!!

So, we’re hanging out at Stock T.C., this funky joint at Yonge & Eglinton that’s a collaboration between Sud Forno, Terroni and Cumbrae’s. I am no stranger to any of these places, whether it’s the square pizza at Sud Forno or the rooftop patio at Terroni on Price, where they’re serving up one of my personal favs, the Focu Meu. So it’s pretty safe to say that I’ll be ordering pizza here, too.

Now, Stock T.C. has got 15 different pies in the sky, but it was the last one on the menu that caught my eye: Cacio e Pepe Uova e Tartufo. It’s like a delicious run-on sentence in Flavourtown!!!!

cacio_e_pepe_pizza (14)

OK, now let’s break it down. You’ve got a nice, chewy, thin-crust pizza topped with cheese and pepper, with two kinds of cheeses — mozzarella AND Percorino Romano, bro! Then they put not one, but two eggs in the middle, and shred a whole buncha black truffle overtop. Now, the cheesiness of this pizza is pretty good on its own, but when you get some egg yolk in there, and maybe a bite of truffle, that right there is the ticket!!!

stock_bar_caesar (6)

Now, this place only has six beers to choose from — and one of them’s non-alcoholic — so instead I went with a Caesar. I gotta say, this drink was not very spicy, and I couldn’t really taste the booze. I might as well have been drinking a Krombacher 0.0, bro!!!!

CHITOWN CHOWDOWN: Chowing down at 5 of the best pizza places in Chicago

Now, you KNOW we couldn’t come to Chicago and NOT eat pizza, bro! This city is known for deep dish, but the locals prefer tavern-style, which is anything but — we’re talking some of the thinnest crust you can imagine. So how do 5 of Chicago’s top pizza joints measure up? You’re about to find out — right here, right now on Triple B:

Pizano’s Pizza & Pasta

Pizano’s is the kinda place you’d see in the movies, with the checkered tablecloths and signed photos from all the local sports teams on the walls.

pizanos_thin_crust+deep_dish (11)

This place does both deep-dish and thin crust — apparently the thin crust is Oprah’s favourite.

pizanos_thin_crust_sausage (3)

Thin crust is crunchy and cheesy, with some nice pieces of sausage scattered throughout. Wish there was more meat here…but when you get a bite of the sausage, that, right there is the ticket.

pizanos_deep_dish (3)

The deep dish was more tomato than anything else. Bit of cheese, with a crispy crust. I think I got the veggie one — if you put some of that sausage on here, it would be that much better…

Flo & Santos Pizza & Pub

flo&santos_pizzas (4)

Flo & Santos is within stumbling distance of Soldier Field, and there’s no doubt that more than a few Bears fans have stumbled out of this place. They’ve also serving up a Polish-style pizza with kielbasa, bacon and sauerkraut and an Italian Beef pizza — sign me up, bro!

flo&santos_polish_pizza (5)

While I don’t think I got any bacon on this slice, the thick ‘n meaty kielbasa goes great on pizza!

italian_beef_pizza (4)

The Italian Beef pie has got a lot going on. You get lotsa beef, but also some onions and peppers. Doesn’t beat a dipped Italian beef sando, but I would order this again, bro!!!

flo&santos_dessert_pizza (4)

They’ve even got a dessert pizza, topped with chocolate and toasted marshmallows. It’s like S’mores Gone Wild, bro!!!!!

goose_island_312 (3)

They’ve also got $3 cans of Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale. Goose is a local brewery here, so their beer is plentiful and affordable. This one coulda been a bit more citrusy, though…


coalfire_pizza_oven (3)

As the name suggests, Coalfire, this West Town joint, cooks their pizza in a coal-fired oven, the hottest oven in Chicago, apparently — so the pizza comes out quick and crispy, in true Neapolitan fashion.

coalfire_pepperoni_whipped_ricotta (5)

Their pepperoni & whipped ricotta pie combines the texture of hot pepperoni and cool cheese, which goes on afterwards and you spread it over the top. Ricotta is a pretty mild cheese, so it has good texture, without overpowering the meat.

coalfire_bacon_jam (3)

This Bacon Jam pie is actually dominated by these big ol slices of soppressata, but with little pieces of bacon on top. It’s sorta like, come for the sausage, stay for the bacon, son!!!!

Bartoli’s Pizzeria

Bartoli’s, this funky little joint near the United Center is bringing back the 70’s style pies from Gino’s East, and they sell em by the slice — cuz you can’t always eat a whole deep-dish pizza, bro!

bartolis_sausage_pizza (4)

I had a picture in my mind of what Chicago deep dish pizza would be, and this was pretty much it.This slice is definitely too thick to eat with your hands. Saucy, cheesy with some nice bites of Italian sausage on a thick, cornmeal crust. This might be the deepest deep dish pizza I’ve ever seen…

Lou Malnati’s

Now, this is the first time I’ve tried to take down a whole deep dish pizza on my own. I did go for the small size, which they say is enough for 2 people… So no problemo, right?

I went with the Malnati Chicago Classic, which has sausage, extra cheese and tomato. Started off with some garlic bread, and washed it down with a Goose Green Line, an APA so light that I wouldn’t even call it a pale ale. (This is not a good thing.) They do not short you on the garlic bread, though…

lou_malnatis_sausage_pizza (3)

Now, when they brought the pizza out, I even asked the guy, “Is this the Small for two people? Cuz it looks like a personal pizza to me!“ (Of course, any pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard and believe in yourself, bro!!!!) in any case, this pie was pretty tasty; nice bites of sausage, and a good crispy crust. If that’s extra cheese, though, I’d hate to see what a normal amount of cheese would be…

lou_malnatis_tiramisu (4)

You KNOW I still had room for dessert, though, bro! Lemme tell ya, though, this is NOT your Nonna’s tiramisu. I don’t taste ladyfingers, cocoa powder or cappuccino— instead, they put chocolate chips in it and top it with chocolate sauce. Not sure if that’s how they do it in Chicago…but I am never ordering tiramisu here again, bro!!!!!!!!!!!

Wild boar pizza + sea urchin spaghetti @ Dova

Now, we’ve eaten a whole lotta Italian food here on Triple B — but every once in a while, I still come across something I’ve never seen before. So we’re hanging out at DOVA, this funky little joint in Cabbagetown, where they’re putting sea urchin on spaghetti, wild boar and black truffle on pizza, and orange mascarpone in their tiramisu. Shut the front, back and side doors, son!!!!!

dova_sea_urchin_spaghetti (9)

They call this dish Ricci, and it’s got a helmet like former San Jose goon Mike Ricci. Underneath is some fresh Newfoundland sea urchin, on top of spaghetti, all covered in garlic and parsley. Now, I don’t think I’ve ever had sea urchin before — especially not from Newfoundland — but it added a nice creamy touch to the spaghetti.

wild_boar_truffle_pizza (19)

But now they’re about to kick things up another notch with their Fughese pizza — and you don’t even hafta be straight edge to eat it, Bro-an MacKaye! Dude, this pizza’s packing wild boar sausage, black truffles, oyster mushrooms and arugula, plus it’s extra cheesy with fior di latte AND stracciatella! Dude, this has gotta be the best pizza I’ve had all year, and let’s just say I eat a lotta pizza…

raspberry_lavender_gelato_sour (6)

And since we’re not straight edge here on Triple B, we’re washing this all down with a funkalicious brewski. This here’s a Raspberry Lavender Gelato Sour from Fine Balance Brewing straight outta Kingston. Now, i dunno what lavender tastes like, but you definitely get a lotta raspberry in here — it’s like a tropical fruit punch in Flavourtown!!!

dova_orange_tiramisu (4)

Of course we’ve still got room for dessert — and it’s probably safe to say at a place like this, they don’t do tiramisu just like Nonna makes it. Instead, you’ve got orange mascarpone, Cointreau liqueur, candied oranges and pistachios. It wasn’t bad, but I mostly just tasted the orange, bro…

It’s a pizza… It’s a calzone… It’s Batman, bro!!!!

Now, I dunno if I even wanna see Rob Pattinson in the new Batman movie — especially after Christian Bale absolutely killed it and grilled it in that role, son! (At least he can’t be any worse than Ben Affleck, right?) But when I heard that Little Caesars was putting out a new, limited-edition Batman Calzony in honour of the movie, you KNOW I had to buy a ticket for that one, bro!!!!

I didn’t even think I had a Little Caesars anywhere near me, but it turns out there’s one at Coxwell and Gerrard — which isn’t super-close, but only about a 15 minute drive if you order from Skip the Dishes. (Uber probably wouldda sent a bicycle delivery guy, and had him make 3 other stops along the way…) So while this Calzony wasn’t quite Hot-n-Ready when it got here, it was still warm enough to make for some good eatin’.

little_caesars_batman_calzony (13)

Now, one thing that makes this different from your typical delivery pizza is that the slices are are square, or at least vaguely rectangular, in order to make the shape of the Batman logo. Otherwise, this is decent pizza, with a good, chewy crust and pretty good pepperoni distribution.

little_caesars_batman_calzony (25)

The calzone section is pretty basic. It’s just stuffed with cheese, with a few pieces of pepperoni thrown in. And I think that might be Crazy Bread — although I haven’t had Crazy Bread since Batman Forever, bro! It also came with a tub of marinara, but unlike the pizza, the dipping sauce was as cold as Mr. Freeze, son!!!!

Still, that didn’t stop me from destroying this whole thing in one sitting. Holy Acid Reflux, Batman!!!!!!!!

batman_calzony_aftermath (6)

This bar’s a poet, and they don’t even know it…

Now, beer and pizza are a few of my favourite things, so when I heard about Bar Poet, this funky little joint at Queen and Dovercourt, that was serving up both in ample quantities, you KNOW I had to check it out, bro!!!

bacon_garlic_fingers (7)

We’re starting off with some bacon garlic fingers, which is practically a whole pizza in itself. You’ve got pizza dough topped with roasted garlic butter, shredded mozzarella and bacon, with some hot sauce and donair sauce for dipping. But you know that’s just a light snack in Flavourtown, bro…

3_little_pigs_pizza (17)

Now, this place has got 13 different pizzas to choose from, but I had to go with the 3 Little Pigs. Dude, this is body by 3 little pigs! You’ve got bacon, sausage AND pepperoni, with a couple basil leafs thrown in for colour. I totally blew this house down, bro!!!

bar_poet_ipa (1)

We’re washing it down with a few pints of the house Bar Poet IPA. This place has got not one, not two but three house beers, but you can’t go wrong with this nice, hoppy boi. I think I crushed at least 5 of these…

PATIO LIT EATS: Smoked salmon on a pizza? Don’t mind if I do…

Well, the big heatwave we were having is over, and it looks like patio season will be winding down pretty soon — so it’s time to make the most of it while we still can. We’re hanging out on the rooftop patio at Terroni on Price (not to be confused with the one downtown), which is definitely one of the nicest patios in the area north of Rosedale, but not quite Midtown.

Now, when you’re here, you’re probably getting pizza — they’ve got over 20 pies to choose from. Last time we were here, we chowed down on a coupla real-deal pizzas in the dark, and it may be a bit brighter outside this time, but we’re about to funk it up a notch with this pizza al salmone:

smoked_salmon_pizza (11)

Now, I like smoked salmon, and I like pizza, so when you put ’em together, it’s gotta be good, right? This pie came flying outta the kitchen in like five minutes — I hadn’t even finished my bread — but it still wasn’t super warm… which is OK, considering that smoked salmon is usually served cold. But the crust was still crispy and the cheese was still melted, which made for a nice vessel for the salmon, onions, capers and tomatoes.

menabrea_bionda_beer (3)

Menabrea Bionda, we meet-a again-a. I’ve had this Italian beer with pizza before, and while it’s nothing too fancy or hoppy, it gets the job done.

terroni_chocolate_cake (6)

Now, speaking of deja vu all over again, I have ordered the flourless chocolate cake — torta calda al cioccolato — at least three times at two different Terronis, so it’s definitely my go-to dessert. I mean, warm chocolate cake with an oozy, chocolately centre… you can’t go wrong with that at all!!!!

TORONTO’S TOP TAKEOUT: Sicilian meets Hawaiian on this Detroit-style pizza!

Now, we already knew that Pizzeria Libretto was 2 legit 2 quit, so when I heard they were getting into the Detroit-style pizza game, I was all over that like Faygo on a juggalo! This call this one the Siciliana Hawaiiana, and it’s flying straight down my piehole, bro!!!!

libretto_siciliana_hawaiiana (22)

OK, now let’s break it down. We’ve got a three-cheese blend here — both kinds of mozzarella, aged AND fresh, along with some smoked scamorza, for that extra little kick. Then, they put down bacon AND prosciutto, along with pineapple, jalapenos, and top it off with some pesto. Dude, this was the most outta bounds Hawaiian pizza we’ve had here on Triple B — and trust me, we’ve had more than a few

GRAND REOPENING: Patio pizza in Little Italy!

Dude, Little Italy was lit last night, bro! After the Azzurri beat Belgium in the Euro Cup, people were out dancing and celebrating in the streets — the cops actually blocked off College until 8 o’clock, three hours after the game ended! OK, so there might not have been as many people as we wouldda seen pre-pandemic, but I’m pretty sure they still exceeded the limits of an “outdoor social gathering” under Phase 2. And we were right in the middle of all the action at Trattoria Taverniti, this cozy, family-run Italian joint that’s been at the corner of College and Clinton for the past 10 years!

Man, this place has almost an entire page of pizzas to choose from — 24 in all — so you KNOW I’m gonna crush a pie, paisano! But first, here’s a take on bruschetta thatta I’ve never even seen before, bro…

nduja_stracciatella_bruschette (6)

Now, who needs tomatoes when you can have spicy sausage and cheese, though? At Tavernitis, they top this toasted bread with n’duja sausage spread and some creamy stacciatella, and then finish it with a drizzle of honey. I dunno what they put in that salsiccie, but it was pretty, pretty spicy! And yet, the sweetness from the honey really cuts through the mix. Man, I don’t think I can go back to regular bruschetta after this…

taverniti_carne_pizza (15)

Now, it’s hard to pick a favourite among so many great pies, but when in doubt, I go with the one that has the most meat. (That’s probably, like the fifth rule of Flavourtown, or something.) In this case, that would be the Carne, a combination of pepperoni, Italian sausage, and no, that’s not bacon — it’s guanciale, bro! Crust was nice ‘n crispy, and 18 bucks gets you a pie that’s probably enough food for two people…but you KNOW I ate it all and still had room for dessert!!!!!!!

taverniti_tiramisu (6)

And when it comes to il dolce, I gotta go with an Italian classic — we’re talkin’ tiramisu! Nice ‘n creamy, with a hit of cocoa and not too, too much espresso…pretty sure I could slam at least three of these, bro!!!!

TORONTO’S TOP TAKEOUT: Korean fried chicken on Detroit-style pizza

I’ve been a big fan of Detroit-style pizza, ever since we visited the OG, Buddy’s, in the Big D a couple years back. Since then, it’s totally become a trend, with funky joints popping up all over Toronto like 8mile Pizza and Gianna’s Patties and Pies. But when this joint called Ace’s Pizza opened up earlier this year, you KNOW I had to check it out, cuz they’re serving up this pie in the sky that you won’t find anywhere in the Motor City — we’re talkin’ Korean fried chicken pizza, son!!!!

Now this ain’t your typical KFC — not even the kind you’d find at Yonge & Finch. It actually tastes more like General Tso’s, or at the least the cheap ‘n cheerful version I used to get at the food court. It’s a little sweet, not too crispy, with just a touch of heat. But I kinda wished they’d chopped it up a bit more — those big ol’ chunks of chicken don’t really stay on top of the pizza, especially after you bite into it. The corner pieces weren’t too bad, but the middle pieces were especially messy:

And yes, there is kimchi on that pizza too, which has gotta be a first for me. But even in the bites that didn’t have any chicken, the cheese and sauce was pretty tasty. I feel like I could order a pepperoni, supreme or even Hawaiian next time, and it would be TheBomb.ca. As for the Korean Fried Chicken, though, it’s kinda like when you’re really baked, and ya put chicken nuggets on top of a takeout pizza. I mean, these are both good things on their own, but they just don’t really go together, if ya smell what I’m cookin’…

TORONTO’S TOP TAKEOUT: One Margherita, two Margheritas, $3 Margherita pies!

Now, I don’t always listen to Luke Bryan, but when he’s singing about pizza, I turn the radio up, bro! Yesterday was Pi Day, so Pi Co., this funky local pizza chain, was celebrating by serving up margheritas for just $3.14, limit of two per order. Now, I guess these guys were pretty popular, cuz I ordered mine a few minutes after they opened at 11:30, and they said my pies would not arrive until 12:23, which was no biggie…only they didn’t get here by 12:30, 1:30 or even 1:45. It wasn’t until 2 o’clock that I got a message that my delivery driver was on his way — that’s right, it took two and a half hours to get me some pizza, son!!!!!!!!!

pi_co_margherita_pizza (41)

At least the pizza was hot ‘n fresh when it got here — it definitely hadn’t been sitting out for two hours. I’m guessing what happened was they were making margheritas all day, and then it was first-come, first-served to whoever showed up…including the delivery drivers on their app. (I know that DoorDash changed the driver on me several times before I gave up and stopped checking, so the same guy wasn’t waiting for two hours, either.) And hey, even if I wasn’t super-hungry, I’d still say this was pretty good pizza — nice, thin, chewy crust, with a rich tomato sauce and a few good bites of cheese scattered throughout. Pretty sure I polished off both pies in less than 15 minutes, though!!!!!

pi_co_aftermath (6)

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