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TORONTO’S TOP TAKEOUT: Angry Shrimp Poke ain’t no joke!!!

When it’s a million degrees outside, the last thing I wanna do is turn on my oven. And if I can find a takeout dish that’s best served cold, all the better! So we’re checking out Poke Guys, this funky little poke place just offa Dundas, where they’re serving up seven different kinds of poke bowls, bro! You can get ’em with salmon, tuna or even tofu, but I knew I had to go with the Angry Shrimp. Dude, Angry Shrimp was the name of my Glenn Danzig cover band, bro!!!!

angry_shrimp_poke_bowl (21)

The food may be cold, but it’s definitely bringing the heat, son! These sweet and spicy shrimp get an extra kick from the kimchi, with some corn, cucumber and avocado to cool it down (the avocado costs extra though — dude, this is body by avocado!). And did I mention the pineapple???

angry_shrimp_poke_bowl (28)

While I don’t have a problem with putting pineapple on pizza, it definitely hits different when you pair it with shrimp. You’ve got the sweet with the heat, the acid with the sour and the juice with the succulent seafood… Now, I’m not saying you should put shrimp and pineapple on pizza, but if somebody did, I would probably at least try it.

r/fakehistoryporn - An Italian-American being forced to watch pineapple added to pizza for the first time ever. (1914 Brooklyn, USA)

FRONT STREET FOODS: There’s something hokey about this salmon poke

OK, so check it out bro. I’ve always wanted to try poke, the classic Hawaiian fish salad, ever since that episode of Triple D where Guy’s hanging out at Fresh Catch in Oahu with his brother from another mother Reno Henriques. But Toronto’s a long way from Hawaii, dude. It’s not like I can just hop on my longboard and catch the next wave or something…

That’s why I was super-stoked to find Fish’D, a real-deal seafood joint serving up sushi burritos and poke so fresh, you’ll wanna take a nude selfie with it (link NSFW). You gotta catch all of this, son:

spicy_salmon_poke (3)

OK, let’s break it down. You’ve got kind of a pico de gallo effect with the zesty tomato and onion, a bit of avocado for creaminess, and some freshness from the parsley. But the spicy salmon is the star of this show, bro. It’s not too hot, but it’s got a nice tang. Oh, and they put it all on top of a whole buncha rice. They asked me if I wanted quinoa instead, but c’mon man! I wish they could serve it up on top of duck fat fries or something…

Here’s a bit of a bummer, though. This dish’ll set ya back almost 16 bucks after tax, and that’s without a drink. And it’s not like it’s super-filling, either—I’m pretty sure I could eat six of these. Maybe next time, I’ll go for the sushi burrito instead.