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TORONTO’S TOP TAKEOUT: Schnitzel and salad(!) from a German-style pub

Lately, it’s gotten harder to find some real-deal schnitzel in this city. Schnitzel Queen shut down a few months back, and so did Schnitzel Hub in Midtown. But when I heard that the Town Crier Pub on John St. was serving up all kinds of German and Belgian food, you KNOW I had to check it out, bro!!!

jagermeister_pork_schnitzel (6)

This here’s the Jagermeister Peppercorn Pork Schnitzel, which is pretty much what the name says, topped with a Jagermeister peppercorn sauce, and served with fries and coleslaw. Now, this dish did get a little soggy in delivery, but the pork was still pretty tasty…and with the fries and slaw on the side, it’s a pretty decent-sized meal.

munich_sausage_salad (1)

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t eat a whole ‘nother meal, at exactly the same time. When I saw the Munich sausage salad on the menu, I thought I’d just be getting a couple sausages with some onions and pickles, which would make for a nice side dish. But instead, it’s pretty much a meal-sized Cobb salad, complete with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and hard-boiled eggs. I really didn’t need to eat this at the same time as the schnitzel… but you KNOW I still did, bro!!!

town_crier_aftermath (10)

Now, you can’t wash down German food with like a Canada Dry — I’m pretty sure that goes against the Bavarian Purity Laws, or something. So instead, we’re chugging this local craft beer that pairs pretty much perfectly:

lost_craft_divercity (8)

Divercity is a German-style Helles Lager brewed in Toronto by Lost Craft, with a nice crisp finish that almost makes me forget I’m eating salad. Apparently, you can’t find it in stores anymore, but I was able to order it from Fresh, a vegan joint that’s selling four packs of local craft beer for 15 bucks via DoorDash….which makes it the best thing I’ve ever ordered from a vegan restaurant, son!!!

Real-deal Polish food @ Cafe Polonez

You know me, this is body by pierogis, bro! These potato dumplings of funk are served up all across Eastern Europe — and at a few funky joints here in Toronto, like Tennessee Tavern. But if you wanna get the real-deal, OG, Polish pierogis, you gotta go to this place that’s been servin’ em up since 1981… This is Cafe Polonez!

And Polonez ain’t just about pierogis, either. They’ve got all the classics like schnitzel, goulash, paprikash and cabbage rolls, to name a few. It’s hard to pick just one, son — so I went with the combo platter, which gives you pierogis, schnitzel, hunter’s stew and not one, but two types of salad. Hey, if you put salad in front of me, I guess I’ll eat it?

cafe_polonez_pierogi (3)

Let’s start with the pierogis. These pillowy pieces of potatoey goodness are magically delicious! Nice and soft, stuffed with cheese, with a little sour cream and some minced pork on top — pretty sure I could slam, like, 32 of these!!!

polonez_pork_schnitzel (4)

Dude, this schnitzel is too legit-zel to quit-zel! Pork is pounded and fried to perfection, and then you’ve got these fresh mushrooms on top — the mushrooms are what makes it!!!

polonez_hunters_stew (2)

And then you’ve got this funky dish of deliciousness – bigos aka hunter’s stew. Basically, they’re slow-cooking sauerkraut with some sausage and pieces of roast pork. This dish is soooo bad and boujee, bro!!!

lezajsk_polish_beer (5)

Now, this place isn’t just serving up all the old-school, home-style Polish classics — they’ve got all the Polish beers, too: Zywiec, Okocim, Lezajsk, Tyskie, Lech, Warka and Tatra. They’re pretty much all pilsners, so I went with Lezajsk, which has a bit more of a kick, and tastes a lot like the Portuguese pilsner Sagres. Just don’t ask me to pronounce it properly!!!


Hungry for Hungarian at Country Style Restaurant

Now you know I like my chicken fried, cold beer on a Friday night, chillin’ on a dirt road and all that good stuff. But fried chicken is not just a southern thing—there are a few funky Eastern European joints in Toronto that do it up right. Whether you go for chicken or pork, you gotta check out Tennessee Tavern, Schnitzel Queen, and this Hungarian joint that’s so old school it doesn’t even have a website. This is Country Style Hungarian, son!!!

country_style_pierogis (1)

Now, whether you’re in Austria, Switzerland, Poland or Hungary, you’ll find some of the same Eastern European comfort food classics—like this pierogi and sausage plate. These pierogis are boiled until they fall apart, with stringy fried onions, sour cream and a few nice bits of Hungarian sausage. Dude, this is body by Hungarian sausage!!!

country_style_hunter_schnitzel (4)

And now it’s time for the main event. This Hunter Schnitzel is covered in onions, peppers, mushrooms and tomato sauce – sorta like a Philly cheese schnitzel, but without the cheese – and you KNOW it’s searching for love on these lonely streets again, Dokken Bro! Even though there’s not enough to go around this dinner-plate-sized orb of deep-fried flavour, the sauce and toppings keep the schnitzel from being too dry…and hiding beneath all that breaded goodness, we’ve also got Hungarian dumplings and gravy:

country_style_dumplings (5)

Now, these little Flavourtown nuggets are sorta like spaetzle, except instead of being fried, I think they might be boiled or something. And they kinda look like cheese curds too, eh? Believe it or not, but there’s pretty much a whole plate of ‘em underneath all that meat!!!

hungarian_raspberry_soda (3)

Now, they don’t have any Hungarian beer at Country Style (I guess the closest thing would be Pilsner Urquell?), so instead I went with a refreshing glass of Malnaszorp, this Hungarian raspberry soda. It’s kinda like drinking a glass of water with cherry syrup at the bottom…but instead of cherry, it’s raspberry—which is definitely something you don’t see every day on this side of the pond!

FLAVOURTOWN OLYMPICS: Slaughtering some Czech schnitzel, son!

The puck is about to drop between Team Canada and the Czechs, so here’s a sneak preview of the game…in schnitzel form. (Let’s just say the Czechs get slaughtered!) We’re hanging out at Schnitzel Queen, this funky little schnitzel joint on Queen St E.

Now, there are a lotta Olympic countries that eat schnitzel, from Germany to Austria, Switzerland to Slovakia–but the owner of this joint is half-Czech and they’ve even got Czechvar on tap. So if you’re looking to slam down a few brews before the big game, you’d better hurry over there, cuz they’re only open till 10 pm!

schnitzel_queen_sandwich (5)

There might be some other places that serve schnitzel in this city, but they’re probably not as big as this one. Dude, half of this sandwich would be a full meal for a starving Czech hockey player, but you know it’s just a light snack in Flavourtown, bro! They call this one the Schnitzel King, and it’s got bacon, onions, sauerkraut, lettuce and cheese. All parts of a balanced Canadian powerplay, Wojtek Bro-Ski!!!

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Siiiign of the Schnitzel Queen – stuff your face and eeeeeat!

So, we’re hanging out at Schnitzel Queen, this funky little Bavarian joint on Queen St E. This place only does one thing, and they do it real well, serving up some massive schnitzel sammies with all kinds of funky toppings. Their signature is the Schnitzel Queen, with saukerkraut, potato salad and roasted onions inside the sandwich…but why settle for a Schnitzel Queen when you can have a Schnitzel King?

schnitzel_queen_sandwich (5)

Dude, this sammy is about the same size as a Volkswagen Beetle! You’ve got a massive piece of freshly pounded breaded pork, with some crisp lettuce, tangy house-made sauerkraut and crunchy grilled onions, along with a couple slices of processed cheese (you can get real cheese for 50 cents more). But the bacon is what makes it. I mean, this sammy was already the King of Schnitzeltown, but adding that extra porky goodness just puts it over the top. And hey, there’s no fine April Wine, but they do have Czechvar on tap and Pilsner Urquel and Zywiec in the fridge, so you can still get schnit-faced while stuffing your face with schnitzel, son!

Food Truck Feeding Frenzy Friday: How to say good eats in Slovenian

(Originally written January 15, 2014)

Waiting outside was a harsher ideal as temperatures dropped below zero today.  (My left foot is still frozen as I type this.)  But when the pot of gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow is a hearty schnitzel sandwich, I don’t mind braving the elements for 25 minutes.

dobro_jesti (3)

Dobro Jesti mostly serves schnitzel, of the chicken or pork variety, though there are a few different topping options to chosse from.  This version seen above came with crisp lettuce, some tangy bits of pickle and not nearly enough bacon jam atop double stacked pork between two piece of rye bread.  Let me just say that the bread was perfect, nice freshness with a great chew.  The kind you’d find on an ideal smoked-meat sandwich…but hey, it works as a vessel for pork schnitzel as well.