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HEATED PATIO EATS: Classic Canadian comfort food @ Peter Pan Bistro

Now, with this crazy heatwave we’ve been having, temperatures are touching 20 degrees in the daytime, and it’s still like 14-15 at night. So they didn’t have the heaters on last night at Peter Pan Bistro… but they did have a fire pit, which made things nice and smoky.

They’re also serving up a winter market menu, with comfort food classics like grilled cheese, smoked meat, pumpkin soup — and their portable take on a French Canadian classic, this tourtiere hand pie:

peter_pan_tourtiere (5)

Dude, this is like tourtiere meets empanada, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all! You’ve got a nice, beef-pork blend inside a warm, flaky crust, with a side of house-made ketchup, which added a nice flavourful kick. I could probably slam at least five of these…

peter_pan_raclette (6)

But you KNOW I had to save some room for raclette, bro! Hot, melted cheese on top of crispy potatoes with these little bites of gherkin pickles… I could eat that all day!!!

beaus_country_vibes (6)

Now, Canadian comfort food needs to go with a Canadian comfort beer. They only had two brews to choose from, so I went with some Country Vibes, a nice amber ale from Beau’s. You KNOW I love my country, and I love it up loud, bro!!!!

chocolate_chip_cookie_smore (12)

Of course, I definitely still had room for dessert — this wasn’t even that much food. And speaking of winter comfort food, this chocolate chip cookie s’more definitely hit the mark! I would soooo roast this over an open fire, son!!!

FRONT STREET FOODS: We’re racking up some righteous raclette!

Now, this has gotta be one of the funkiest things you’ll find at a food fair. We’re talking charbroiled cheese from Switzerland, roasted garlic potatoes—and, now this is where it gets super-crazy—a kale side salad with a chili vinaigrette. Is your mind blown yet? Well, it’s about to be:

raclette (2)

Now, I dunno if you ever had raclette, but it was a staple in the Catucci casa when I was a kid. We had this great big burner, and we’d take some cheese, put it on these little trays, and stick ‘em on top until it was all gooey, melty goodness. Well, this place does it a bit differently; they take a big block of cheese, put it in a broiler, and then scrape off a nice, melty chunk of it on top of yer taters. I’m not sure if that’s the traditional way, but it’s sure pretty tasty!

So, you’ve got a nice, rich sharpness from the cheese, which is just ooey-gooey-yabba-dabba-dooey. The potatoes are cooked perfectly; nice and warm, but not too mushy. And there is definitely a hint of garlic in there—I’ve still got garlic breath as I type this!


Now, on to the salad. I’m really not a kale freak, but hey, it comes with the meal, so I’ll take it. And hey, as far as veggies go, this is pretty good stuff. You’ve got a nice crunch, with some dried apricots and beets, and just a little kick from the vinaigrette. But the Gerkin pickles are what makes it. You gotta have Gerkins with raclette, bro. All that’s missing are the pickled onions!

Now, you can actually kick this dish up another notch by adding a honey-smoked sausage for like three bucks. I don’t normally say no to sausage, but this time, my piehole’s completely stuffed already, dude!