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FRONT STREET FOODS: This vegan taco salad (almost) makes me wanna eat more salad

Now, I don’t usually eat salad—and when I do, I load it up with bacon. But after stuffing my piehole full of bacon grilled cheese burgers this weekend, I opted for something a little lighter today. And hey, I almost didn’t notice there wasn’t meat in this dish. OK, so I kinda wanted to run over to Tacos 101 and ask them to top me up with some carnitas…but I figured that after putting pulled pork on top of fries, I didn’t need more pulled pork on top of salad.

taco_salad (3)

OK, let’s break it down. You’ve got the creaminess of the avocado, a nice crunch from the corn, some acid from the tomatoes, a nice chew from the pumpkin seeds(!) and zesty red peppers. Oh, and the jalapeno lime dressing was super-creamy. Not too spicy, just the right amount of heat. I kinda hate to say this, but I was actually full after eating this salad…at least temporarily.

taco_salad (2)

Winner, winner, salad dinner!

FRONT STREET FOODS: I actually ate a salad today…with a side of bacon cheeseburger, bro!

Now, I don’t eat salad very often, but when I do, it’s usually something exotic. So I says to myself, on this warm, summer day, what could be better than strawberries, spinach, with a little red onion and some crumbled goat cheese…

 bacon_nation_salad (2)

…right next to a real-deal bacon cheeseburger!

pig_mac_burger (2)

My wake ‘n bacon bros over at Bacon Nation call this the Pig Mac. It’s got crispy bacon strips, super-melty cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and a zingy chipotle mayo, all served up on a brioche bun. This burger’s so far outta bounds, it’s in the fourth row, bro!

(And hey, the salad ain’t half-bad, either…)

I don’t always eat salad, but when I do, I put a buncha bacon in it!

OK, so here’s the deal. Sometimes, after chowing down on three kinds of BBQ, lobster nachos and a 67-ounce steak, I need something light and leafy, that actually has vegetables. But hold the queeno bro, cuz this ain’t no health food:

bacon_salad (2)

What we’ve got here is some chicken breast, cucumbers, swiss cheese, a hard-boiled egg in the middle and about three full slices of bacon. Cuz hey, the only way I’ll eat lettuce is if it’s touching bacon. Now, I’ve had some manly salads in my day, but this one’s definitely right up there. I’d even eat it off a beach sandal!


Making me the most manliest $20 salad of all time

Now, I don’t normally eat salad. It’s definitely not one of the Triple B’s—Burgers, Bacon & Beer. (And there ain’t no Triple S’s, either! Shut the front door, silly!) About the only time I get any green in my diet is when I’m making double-down buffalo chicken burgers and I decide to put some lettuce and tomato on top. Which I don’t always do, mind you. But when I do, I always have a buncha lettuce left over. Cuz hey, I’m not making me some double-down buffalo lettuce burgers!

So, that’s when I go to Longo’s at Maple Leaf Square. Their salad bar is bigger than a five-hundred-thousand-dollar downtown condominium…which you can also find at Maple Leaf Square. And this place has got everything; tuna salad, French-fried potaters, a confused old man looking for insurance—it’s like TheBomb.com! So, here’s what I did. I went down there and made me the most manliest salad of all time. Hold the lettuce—I’ve already got some in the man-fridge.

$20_salad (1)

OK, let’s break it down. What we’ve got here is some nice cold steak, some salmon, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Real CrabTM, some potatoes, a couple hard-boiled eggs, macaroni salad and one little green thing, y’know, for colour. I tell ya, this salad’ll go pound for pound with anyone! Only problem is, Longo’s charges by the pound, so it cost me 20 bucks. But hey, I’ve still got me a winner winner, steak-salmon-crab-potato-egg-macaroni-salad dinner!