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Korean triple meat platter for one @ KOKO! Share Bar

Now, we’re not big on sharing here on Triple B. Dude, if I’m sharing food, it means that someone else is going hungry — cuz Imma eat most of it, bro! So when I heard about KOKO! Share Bar, this Japanese/Korean joint bringing some underground funk to Yorkville, I was like, yeah, I’ll check it out — as long as I don’t hafta share. 😉

Actually, you don’t really need to share most of the stuff on their menu. You could just order your own appetizer, main course, sushi, sashimi, etc. But they do have a couple Signature Share Platters that were meant to serve two…but are more like a nice, light snack in Flavourtown!!!!

koko_beef_bulgogi (2)

So, I went with their Bossam platter, which is giving me a little BPC — that’s beef, pork and chicken, son, along with rice and lettuce (I can’t call them lettuce wraps when only two out of seven pieces of lettuce were big enough to wrap the meat in). And man, this bulgogi beef was the star of the show. Super-tender, with a nice chew… I could eat a triple meat platter of just bulgogi, bro!!!!

koko_spicy_chicken (5)

Now, if bulgogi’s number one, then this spicy chicken is number two with a bullet, bro. It’s got a nice little kick, enough to let you know it’s there, but doesn’t melt your face off. And it definitely works better with rice than lettuce…

koko_sauteed_pork (2)

That means I would hafta put the sauteed pork in third place on this platter. It’s not that it was bad, just didn’t have a ton of flavour. Adding some ssamjang sauce helps a bit, though.

koko_bossam_aftermath (5)

Like I said, this was just another dinner for one in Flavourtown. All that was left behind was some green stuff, and maybe a couple onions. And dude, I’m not even full yet — you KNOW I’ve still got room for dessert, bro!!!!!!

green_tea_cheesecake (7)

Now, at KOKO, dessert is either green tea cheesecake or mochi ice cream, and if I had known how small this piece of cheesecake was, I mighta asked for both. You do get a few nice, creamy bites, though, and the green tea isn’t overpowering. But if this is one serving of cheesecake, then I could easily mow down a triple cheesecake platter, bro!!!!!!!!!!!