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TORONTO’S TOP TAKEOUT: Game day nachos to go, bros!

Now, most people know that Sneaky Dee’s is serving up some of the best nachos in Toronto. The legendary Tex Mex dive on College St has got all kinds of funkiness like Hawaiian, Greek and Kings Crown nachos, and one order is big enough to feed a football team — or at least to feed me on a Sunday.

I went with their Northern Blues nachos, which are topped with salsa, cheese, steak, bacon, peppers, onions, pico, jalapenos and BBQ sauce, and come with sour cream and guac included in the price. But how do they hold up to delivery?

sneaky_dees_nachos (25)

To say these chips were fully loaded would be a partial understatement. But out of all the toppings, what really cut through the mix was the bacon bits. Thing is, under the weight of all this stuff, some of the chips got pretty soggy, especially near the end. That didn’t stop me from destroying them all though, bro!!!

sneaky_dees_aftermath (10)

NOTHING BUT NACHOS WEEK: These Greek nachos won’t break the bank!

Now, one of my all time favourite places to eat nachos is this funky Toronto joint called Sneaky Dee’s. They’ve got these great Greek nachos with feta and black olives that will knock yer socks off, bro! The first time I went there, I devoured a whole platter then proceeded to throw down in the mosh pit. I don’t even remember who was playing…the nachos were that good!

Mind you, I haven’t been to Sneaky’s in ages; it’s not really within stumbling distance at 2 am anymore. But in honour of Toronto’s top Tex-Mex punk-rock dive bar, check out my Sneaky Dee’s Greek Tribute Nachos:

greek_nachos (2)

Dude, I totally raided the Longo’s salad bar for this one. I grabbed some grilled chicken, cucumbers, Kalamata olives and feta cheese to go along with the shredded Tex-Mex blend. It might not be as good as Sneaky Dee’s, but on the plus side, it didn’t cost me 17 bucks!