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Dry-rub ribs ‘n saucy brisket @ Stack

So, we’re hanging out at Stack, this funky BBQ joint on Yonge St, just a little north of Lawrence. A few years back, I had a bitchin’ grilled cheese bacon cheeseburger here…but it’s no longer on the menu, so this time, I’m gonna try some BBQ instead — starting with the Memphis dry ribs:

stack_memphis_ribs (16)

Now, these babies are nicely smoked, with a good crust and a pink smoke ring on the meat — and I really dig the chipotle dip that comes with. I mean, I normally wouldn’t dip ribs in something, but this sauce is the boss, hoss!!!

stack_brisket_dinner (3)

Speaking of sauce, though… I am really not a fan of sauce on beef brisket. If I had known the meat on their brisket plate was covered in sauce, I’d probably ask ’em to hold off. Plus, the brisket was thinly sliced, and it seemed like the coleslaw-to-meat ratio was pretty much 2-to-1 — that’s a whole lotta slaw, son!!!

Next time, I would try their brisket on top of a burger, though…

Why have a bacon grilled cheese sandwich when you can have a burger between two bacon grilled cheese sandwiches?

So we’re hanging out at Stack, this funky neighbourhood joint in North Toronto that’s serving up some real-deal ribs, Bomb.ca burgers and homemade donuts for dessert. I could just park the Camaro outside and sleep here, bro! Now the other day, I had a pretty decent bacon grilled cheese sandwich at Front Street Foods, but here, they take it up to a whole new level. Check out the Double Grilled Cheese & Bacon Burger:

grilled_cheese_burger (2)

Now, I’ve had a couple grilled-cheese burgers before, but this one is pretty legit. Nice toasty bread, gooey American cheese, and I like that the bacon is inside the sandwiches, not on top of the burger. But lemme tell ya, the burger patty is what makes it. That’s a half pound of beef right there, and it’s super tender, juicy Lucy caboosy! One of the better restaurant burgers I’ve ever had—even without the grilled cheese buns!

pulled_pork_fries (1)

Of course, you can’t have a burger without fries, and these are no ordinary fries, homeslice! These Carolina pork fries are topped with pulled pork, deep-fried jalapenos and a spicy ranch sauce. It’s pretty much like redneck poutine…tailgate sold separately!