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Brews from the Six

So, we’re hanging out at The Six Brewing Co, this funky local craft brewery on Dundas, just a Hotline Bling dance away from Bathurst. This places brews its own craft beer, and serves it up alongside burgers, wings, nachos…oh, and like a salad, or something.

streetcar_delay_ipa (3)

So we’re starting off with a Streetcar Delay IPA, the hoppiest brew on the menu. The citrusy aroma of this American-style bitter beer sure smells a lot better than the 504 King Street at rush hour, bro!!!

trash_panda_porter (1)

Now, we’re moving on over to the Trash Panda Porter, a chocolatey coffee beer brewed with Ethiopian beans. I could exterminate six or seven of these!!!

true_north_stout (6)

And then we’ve got the True North Stout, which is kinda like a Guinness, except it’s Canadian. Also, I don’t think it takes them 20 minutes to pour it…

gorgonzola_burger (1)

Of course, you KNOW we don’t go to a craft brewpub to eat salad, bro! This Gorgonzola Burger comes topped with caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato and a tangy tomato jam, all on a focaccia style bun. Plus, you know we paid two dollars extra to add bacon—dude, this is body by paying two dollars extra to add bacon!!!!!