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Tater tots topped with bacon, cheese curds, maple syrup and gravy!? Shut the shack door!!!!!

So, yesterday we’re hanging out at Sugar Shack TO, this funky little maple syrup festival down on Sugar Beach. Now, you can bet yer last loonie they’re serving maple syrup on snow here, but I also found this food truck that’s funking things up a notch:

great_canadian_taters (18)

Over at the Get Your Own Taters truck, they call these Great Canadian Taters, and it’s like a culinary Canadian Heritage Moment in Flavourtown. These crispy spuds are smothered in gravy, with plenty of cheese curds and bacon to go around. You’ve also got some crunch from the green onions, and just enough maple syrup to give it a bit of sweetness, without being too strong. Now put that in yer canoe and paddle it!!!!

sugar_shack_pancake_cookie (5)

But even after all those taters back there, you KNOW we’ve still got room for dessert, bro! So when I saw a little stand selling these sandwich cookies shaped like a stack of flapjacks, with maple syrup on top, I knew they were headed straight down my piehole! The syrup is hard and crunchy, but it adds some sweetness to these shortbreads with vanilla in the middle. Now, if they had some chocolate pancake cookies, that right there would be next level!!!!

sugar_shack_toronto (16)

Of course, you can’t have a sugar shack without a little tire sur la neige! Only problem was that they were cranking these out so quickly that they didn’t freeze completely, and half the syrup ran off the popsicle sticks onto my hands. But you know what I say, if it ain’t messy, it ain’t tasty, bro!!!!

sugar_shack_maple_syrup (4)