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Now we’re cookin’ with hot sauce, son!

So, last night we’re hanging out at the Wychwood Barns for the Tabasco Thursdays Hawker Market, where they’ve got seven chefs serving up funkalicious street food—all of it with Tabasco as a main ingredient. Because everything tastes better with Tabasco, bro!


I started off this culinary adventure with some tasty tourtiere, a little slice of Quebec. Nice flaky pastry, with a zesty meat mixture on the inside. Also, this was the only station that actually had forks; a couple of the other ones only had chopsticks, and I don’t know how to use that shit cuz I grew up in Calgary.


Up next we had some Japanese curry, a nice crispy chicken with carrots, peas and potatoes. I’m not sure how you’d even eat this with chopsticks, but it was a delightful little dish.


Now this was right up my alley—BBQ quail, bro! I’ve had some Greek-style charcoal quail at Astoria on the Danforth, but this was completely different. Super-tangy, melt-in-your-mouth meat, dude! Plus, you’ve got some carrot slaw on the side, and a spicy shrimp chip. I seriously think they put all the Tabasco in that one.


Now DaiLo is putting Tabasco in their sambal sauce for this grilled B.C. skate. This fish is equal parts crunchy and crispy, and the sambal adds a nice kick.


Probably the most outta-bounds dish at the Tabasco market was from O&B, serving up this charred beef and oyster carpetbagger in a jalapeno roti prata. This dish was so tempting I had to take a bite before I took a picture…and that almost never happens, bro!


But this next bite could give it a run for its funkaliciousness. What we’ve got here is morcilla—a Spanish blood-sausage slider with a quail egg on top. Pretty sure I could pound 12 of these, son…but they only gave you enough food tickets for one item per station.


So we’re ending this culinary market adventure with some ssam, a Korean lettuce wrap with kim chi, bean sprouts and Tabasco pulled pork. Basically, you take the lettuce and roll it up like a taco, then shove it straight down the piehole. You don’t need a fork for this one, son!


Of course, you gotta have something to wash down all this spicy food, and in this case, we’re talking apple cider with just a bit of a kick. We’ve got whiskey, Tabasco green sauce, fresh lime and cider with a boozy apple slice for a little je ne sais quoi. One of these a day will definitely keep the doctor away, dude!!!

Throwback Thursday: That time I ate 10 Doritos Locos Tacos

(Originally written September 4, 2013)


I had been waiting for this moment to arrive for eons, if not millennia.  Every time I’d see an ad for Doritos Locos Tacos within a commercial break during a football game, or another entertaining episode of Duck Dynasty, I’d immediately drop everything and run down to my nearest Taco Bell (which, incidentally, is three long blocks away).  But even if they weren’t closed at the time, they did not have any Doritos Locos Tacos; twas but an American-only offer… until now.  When I first heard the news that they were finally coming to Canada, I did not jump off the couch, because it was pretty late, and I am well aware of their hours of operation.  That said, I made sure to make my way down there this evening for a most delectable, gut-busting feast.


As you can see, the 10 tacos only came to $15.90 plus tax, which is less than you’d pay for a martini at Suits Lobby Lounge.  They did try to upsell me to “Doritos Locos Tacos Supremos,” but it really wasn’t worth paying extra for a little salsa and sour cream, not when I’ve invited my friends Tabasco and Salsa Con Queso to the the party:


What doesn’t taste better with processed cheese sauce? I’d put that stuff on a flip-flop!


Man, this taco was like a one-way ticket to Flavourtown.  Make that 10 one-way tickets.  The shell was hard and crunchy up top, but soft and mushy on the bottom, which is less unappetizing than it sounds.  The beef was lightly seasoned, with the crispness of the lettuce, a little kick from the hot sauce…  But what makes this dish is the salsa con queso.  You’ve got the creaminess of the cheese sauce, some heat from the peppers–I put that shit on everything (or at least on macaroni).

Of course, 10 tacos in one sitting is not for the weak of cholesterol.  By the fifth one, I was already counting how many I had left; by the seventh, I could start to feel it in my chest.  When I bit into the ninth, the aftertaste kicked in, and I broke into a violent coughing fit about halfway through.  But nobody wants to be the guy who buys 10 Doritos Locos Tacos and only eats nine of them, so I soldiered on, leaving a whole mess of wrappers–and some orange Dorito fingers–in my wake:


(See those pill bottles on the left?  I’m gonna be needing some of all of them in a bit…)