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Finally… Taco Fest has come back to Toronto!!!!!!

When it’s summertime in Toronto, that means there’s a different food festival going on just about every weekend. Of course, thanks to COVID, we haven’t been able to hit up any festivals since 2019. But now that everything is reopening, festival season is back in full swing, starting with one of my personal favourites, Taco Fest!!!!

I actually hadn’t been to Taco Fest since 2016, so this trip to Ontario Place was looooong overdue. And in a city where you can pay $31 for three lamb birria tacos, it’s nice to know that most tacos here were anywhere from $4 to $8 max. That means for 80 bucks I had enough for 10 tacos, a couple Coronas (literally the only beer they had, bro) and maybe even an ice cream for dessert. Can’t go wrong with that at all!!!!

balam_suadero_taco (14)

Balam suadero taco
We’re starting off right with some beef brisket, son! Balam lets you add your own toppings, so I loaded this one up with onions, pico, cilantro and lime…to the point where you can’t even see the meat.

marquesita_taco_campechano (11)

Marquesita taco campechano
Steak meats chorizo in this Flavourtown double down, with just a little hot sauce on top to kick it up a notch.

pinata_tacos_grilled_cactus (12)

Piñata Tacos Grilled Cactus
Had to order this so I could say I had one green thing. Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside…  Not just one of the Top 5 cactus tacos I’ve ever had, but one of the Top 3 tacos I had at the festival — for reals!!!

tamarind_amritsari_fish_taco (4)

Tamarind Amritsari Fish Taco
This Indian food truck is kicking it up a notch with this breaded fish taco topped with all kinds of veggies. With all this salad, guess I didn’t need that cactus taco after all!

bettys_kitchen_pig_ears (6)

Betty’s Kitchen Deep Fried Pigs Ears
Now, this one is maybe a little too funky. Pig ears basically taste like you’re chewing on crunchy gristle, without any meat. Hey, I’ll try anything once…but I wouldn’t try this one twice.

pico_de_gallo_chicken_milanesa (13)

Pico de Gallo chicken milanesa taco
Nice, thick piece of breaded chicken breast with just a bit of chipotle to kick it up a notch.

pad_thai_fish_taco (12)

Tacos de la Mer Pad Thai fish
Not your typical take on a fish taco, with beer battered cod topped with pad Thai sauce, pico de gallo, bean sprouts and cilantro. Fish is hot and crispy, and the sauce really kicks it up a notch. Good stuff!

atomic_10_k-pop_taco (6)

Atomic 10 K-Pop Taco
Korean BBQ beef served cold with bahn mi toppings. It basically tastes like a bahn mi, without the baguette.

birria_bacon_taco (12)

Bacon Nation birria bacon taco
Now, you could line up for an hour at Birria Catrina… or you can go a couple stalls down for this bad boy. Birria with bacon? Shut the back door, bro!!!

dope_ass_duck_taco (12)

Dope As Duck Dope Ass Taco (duck)
Dope As Duck had one of the longest lines at this shindig, with carnitas loaded fries, churro donuts and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos street corn. But since I’m only here to eat tacos, I’m going for this Dope Ass duck taco. Nice, crispy shell with pulled duck, salsa, sour cream… Not bad, but probably not worth waiting 30 minutes for.

avocado_ice_cream (8)

After all those tacos back there, I think I’m pretty full — this avocado ice cream cone oughtta do’er.

12 TACOS OF CHRISTMAS: Oreos, Nutella and Swedish berry sauce dessert taco


For the first taco of Christmas, my Trujillo gave to me…

tacofest (29)

Oreos, Nutella and Swedish berry sauce dessert taco


So last year, I hit up Tacofest where I ordered one of everything–or at least one thing from every vendor in attendance. That included Junked Food Co, which was dishing out this funkalicious dessert taco. You’ve got cheesecake buttercream, crushed Golden and regular Oreos, with Nutella drizzle and a Swedish berry jalapeno sauce, all served up on a waffle, bro! And, believe it or not, but this was only my second of three desserts…

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There’s no such thing as too much tacos, bro!

OK, so here’s the deal. We’re hanging out at Tacofest, your all-day destination for all things inside a tortilla. Man, this place has everything: mariachi bands, a hot sauce bar, a mechanical bull shaped like an Old El Paso taco…and more tasty tacos than you can shake a stick of deep-fried butter at. Sadly, deep-fried butter on a stick was not on the menu; I guess I’ll hafta wait until The Ex or the Fried Parade for that one. But honestly bro, I had so many delicious tacos today that I probably didn’t have room for any deep-fried butter, anyways.

tacofest (1)

Fried-chicken taco with creamy slaw, corn and tomato salsa and pickled jalapenos, served up by my favourite dirty commie, Fidel Gastro. (I put too much habanero sauce on this one.)

tacofest (4)

Southern smoked short rib with baha slaw, pico de gallo, guacamole and house hot sauce. These are a few of my favourite things…

tacofest (5)

Albacore tuna ceviche with avocado puree and creamy slaw. They were sold out of sea urchin.

tacofest (7)

Oyster and button mushrooms with guajillo chili. Still waiting for those mushrooms to work their magic…

tacofest (10)

Cardinal Club taco with smoked chicken, double-smoked bacon, tomato, cheddar and a raspberry aioli. I give this one two arteries clogged up!

tacofest (12)

Fried Chihuahua cheese with tofu salsita and habaneros. Yo quiero more of this!

tacofest (14)

Jerk duck confit taco with pickled red onion, radish and apple slaw, parsley, crispy shallot and ramp aioli. And pickles too, apparently.

tacofest (16)

Tuna sashimi taco topped with mango pineapple and greens. This one’s so outta bounds that I ate it upside down!

tacofest (18)

This one’s the real-deal, outta-bounds, winner, winner taco dinner right here. Mac ‘n cheese taco with jalapeno Cheetos and Dr. Pepper pulled pork in a Jolly Rancher BBQ sauce. I’ve already called the number on the back of that card and told him to do what you want with my body!

tacofest (19)

Deep-fried king fish taco served with cabbage, carrots, pineapple, in-house tamarind and garlic sauce. Tamarind and garlic sauce, tamarind and garlic sauce, tamarind and garlic sauce for meeeeee!

tacofest (21)

Crispy cauliflower topped with avocado aioli and pico de gallo. Because I had to have at least one serving of vegetables today.

tacofest (23)

Cochinita pibil taco, which is Mexican for a whole pound o’ pork, hombre!

Now, you know me, even after eating all these tacos, I’ve still got room for dessert. Cuz you can’t have tacos without churros, yo!

tacofest (26)

And wait, there’s more…

tacofest (28)

Blueberry mojito ice pop with real blueberries frozen inside!

tacofest (29)

That’s right, I even had a dessert taco. This waffle was topped with cheesecake buttercream, crushed Golden and regular Oreos, with Nutella drizzle and a Swedish berry jalapeno sauce. And yes, you fold it in half and eat it like a taco, bro. No forks allowed!

After going toe-to-toe with so many tacos, I almost had to be airlifted outta there, but I made it home in one piece. I can’t wait to Feel the Bern tomorrow!!!


(I don’t even know which bands these are.)