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Lamb shank with a side of mac ‘n cheese, son!!!

Now, when the weather outside is frightful, I like to chow down on some go-to comfort food. You KNOW that I love lamb even more than Steve Carell, and mac ‘n cheese is probably my favourite side dish… So, we’re hanging out at The Queen and Beaver, this friendly neighbourhood English pub just offa Yonge St, and I’m like, why not do both???

q&b_lamb_shank (8)

Now I’ve ordered lamb shank many times, many ways…but I don’t think I’ve seen it served with mashed squash before — it’s like culinary baby food in Flavourtown! And they’ve also got a whole lotta lentils, which is like the most green stuff I ate all month… But you KNOW the best side dish is yet to come, bro!!!!

q&b_mac_n_cheese (2)

Now, I wouldn’t consider mac ‘n cheese to be your typical British pub food…but this British pub does a pretty decent take. Mac is nice ‘n creamy, with a crunchy breadcrumb crust — it’s a real culinary tongue-twister in Flavourtown!!!!

sticky_toffee_pudding (5)

Now, after tearing through that culinary mac-stravaganza, I actually wasn’t gonna order dessert…but then they sold me on the sticky toffee pudding. Their version uses molasses instead of caramel, for that extra richness — and there’s plenty of extra sauce. I’d put that on a flip-flop!!!!

Sunday roast beef dinner @ The Queen and Beaver

Now, The Queen and Beaver might not be the best British pub in Toronto, but it’s probably got the best name of any British pub in town. Just a couple weeks ago, we were here for some real-deal fish ‘n chips… so when I saw they were serving up a Sunday roast beef dinner, I knew that I’d be back, Gubernator!!!

sunday_roast_dinner (8)

OK, now let’s break it down. The meat is nice and tender, the roast potatoes are seasoned to perfection, you’ve got some crisp green beans and some crunchy carrots, all smothered in gravy. Dude, Smother Me in Gravy is like my favourite Def Leppard song, bro! But what makes it is the Yorkshire pudding:

yorkshire_pudding (4)

Man, I loves me some Yorkshire pudding. It’s fluffy on the outside, chewy on the inside, soaks up the gravy like a sponge! If I ever knew how to make this stuff at home, I’d never go out to eat…

But yeah, that’s probably not happening anytime soon. 😉