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Bacon truffle mac attack @ Prohibition Gastrohouse

So, we’re hanging out at Prohibition Gastrohouse, this funky joint on Eglinton with a badass back patio. Now, this place is supposed to have “TO’s Best Truffle Mac & Cheese” — it even says so on their menu — so you know I gotta come check it out!!!

truffle_mac_&_cheese (16)

Now, they definitely funk it up a notch at this place. Cuz that ain’t macaroni — it’s Pasta di Gragnano, bro! And there ain’t no cheddar cheese here…it’s a blend of Gruyere, emmenthal and that’s my boy blue cheese. Throw in some truffle paste, truffle oil, and for an extra five bucks, you can add bacon. Of course, you KNOW the first rule of Flavourtown is Always Add Bacon!!!

Now, they don’t shortchange ya on the bacon,  but if I got one complaint, it’s not very crispy. Nice chew on the noodles, a whole lotta creaminess — the blue cheese really cuts through everything else. If you like your cheese blue, this is the dish for you!!!

vagabond_pale_ale (3)

Now, this place has also got a pretty good craft beer selection — and all their draft beers are $5.75 from 5 to 7, son! This here’s a Vagabond IPA, from my punk rock bowling buddies at BrewDog. It’s not as strong or as hoppy as your average IPA, but still has a nice, crisp taste. I could pound, like, 17 of these!!!

anchor_steam_beer (4)

Now, you’re looking at a craft beer legend right here — Anchor Steam, from the Bay Area. This OG of steam beers is woody, minty, big and bouncy…and probably too much flavour for your average light-beer drinker!

We’re mackin’ it up at the Mac ‘n Cheese Festival!

M to the A to the C to the K, heading straight down my piehole like back in the day! The Mac ‘n Cheese Festival returns to the rusted-out shell of Ontario Place this weekend, and you know we’re back in plaid, bro! Last year’s edition had some pretty righteous eats, and they might have had a smaller selection this time around…but what they lacked in quantity, they made up for in funkaliciousness!

truffle_mac_n_cheese (3)

The righteous bros and bros-ettes at Thompson Diner were really hollerin’ bout this truffle mac ‘n cheese, so you know I had to check it out! This dish is super-duper-creamy–there was like a half-gallon of cream sauce left at the bottom of the carton! I wouldda drank it all up, too, ‘cept I didn’t have a straw…

grilled_mac_n_cheese (3)

Now, when somebody’s giving away a free grilled cheese mac ‘n cheese sandwich, you know I’m there with flip-flops on! But so was a whole lotta other people, and they were only making these one at a time…so the wait was about 45 minutes. Still, I can’t really complain about free grilled cheese with mac ‘n cheese inside, though!

mac_n_cheese_samosa (2)

Speaking of mac ‘n cheese inside another thing, this funky little Indian joint was serving up mac ‘n cheese samosas with butter chicken sauce–it’s like a festival of funk in Flavourtown!!!!

lobster_mac_n_cheese (4)

One of the longest lineups on the premises was for Bobbie Sue’s, this homestyle mac ‘n cheese shop from Ossington Ave in the heart of Little Portland. This place’s noodles were legit, and then they funked it up by putting a lobster tail on top! Mine was a little undercooked, but you know I like my lobster like I like my steak–still mooing on the plate, bro!!!

mac_n_cheese_balls (12)

But the highlight of the night at this festival of funk had to be the beer-battered, deep-fried, bacon mac ‘n cheese balls from TCI College. Dude, this is body by beer-battered, deep-fried, bacon mac ‘n cheese balls! And these balls are even cheesier than a German heavy metal music video from the 80’s… You get yer balls to the wall, bro!!!!!

When Starbucks becomes Barbucks

When I first heard that Starbucks was gonna start serving beer, I thought it was some kinda April Fool’s joke.  But they ain’t foolin’—Starbucks Evenings are actually a thing. I guess I can see where they’re going with this; I mean, science says drinking coffee at night is bad for you, while drinking wine is good…or apparently not anymore.

But even if there is supposedly no level of safe drinking, nobody wants to be the guy drinking beer at a coffee shop. It’s kinda like being that creepy guy at the end of the bar drinking coffee. Shouldn’t you be somewhere else, bro?

starbucks_evenings (10)

But today I was that guy. And I didn’t get any dirty looks across the bar, cuz it was only a three-seater. If you’re downtown, the closest Barbucks in Toronto is at 446 Spadina Rd, which is not in Chinatown next to the ElMo, but rather up in Forest Hill, a couple blocks north of St. Clair. I wish I had known that before I put on my flip-flops, but hey, it’s all good and it’s all in fun.

And while they call it Starbucks Evenings, the show actually starts at 2 in the afternoon, just in time for the third inning. They’ve got a buncha Muskoka and Mill St. beers, some wine and stuff, and an evening food menu of elevated microwavable tapas. Can you say truffle mac ‘n cheese, son?

starbucks_evenings (5)

This mac daddy muffin is nice and creamy, with some crunchy breadcrumbs and a healthy dose of truffle oil. You can definitely taste the richness in this dish, which sells for $6.95. Of course, it’s really just a snack-sized portion, unless you’re a six-year-old, so I went with some bacon-wrapped dates to boot!

starbucks_evenings (8)

Now, I don’t always eat fruit, but when I do, I make it wrapped in bacon. Dude, you totally taste more bacon than date here. Served up warm and on a stick, and with some chocolate sauce for dipping, this dish combines three of my favourite things: bacon, chocolate and oversized toothpicks. And you get four for about the price of a beer!

starbucks_evenings (4)

I’d say five bucks for a Muskoka Winterweiss is fairly reasonable—it’s pretty much a half-pint. And I don’t mind that they serve it in a glass, but they kinda need to work on their pouring skills, cuz my beer was as flat as that Canada Dry that’s been sitting in the back of the fridge since 2002. Maybe next time I’ll ask for extra foam? 😉