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Thanksgiving turkey dinner… @ STK steakhouse???

Now, I don’t always celebrate Thanksgiving — I’m thankful for bacon every day, bro! But when I heard that STK, this fancy steakhouse in Yorkville, was serving up turkey and all the trimmings, I figured I would come and check it out:

stk_turkey_dinner (5)

Now, they actually sous-vide the turkey, so it comes out nice and tender, with three equally sized slices. Then they smother it in gravy, with some green beans, mashed potaters, stuffing and a sweet potato puree. This was all pretty tasty, even though it only took up like a quarter of the plate — at my place, that plate is always full, bro!!!

stk_strawberry_cobbler (4)

While I stuck to beer the last time I was here, this joint does have some pretty funky cocktails (and also a pretty boring beer list). This here’s the Strawberry Cobbler, a festive special in Flavourtown with Belvedere vodka, muddled strawberries and a Graham cracker crust. It tastes kinda like a strawberry daiquiri, but with more cookies!!!

stk_thanksgiving_desserts (3)

Of course, it’s safe to say that after such small servings, I’ve still got room for dessert. We’re talking apple pie, pumpkin pie, sticky toffee pudding and a whole bagga mini donuts… Good thing I wear stretchy pants every day of the week!!!


Ain’t no thing but a turkey wing!!!

Now, I’ll admit that I’m not really the biggest Thanksgiving fan. I don’t normally like turkey unless it’s been dry-rubbed and smoked, bro! But when I saw these frickin yuuuge turkey wings at Longo’s, I figured I’d give ’em a shot. I had done Buffalo turkey wings a little while back–but those were drums and flats. This not-so-little wing is about the size of a dinner plate:

bbq_turkey_wing (5)

So, I smothered this bad boy in Diana’s Gourmet Original BBQ Sauce, then chucked ‘er in the oven for half an hour at 425. I gotta say, getting through this monstrosity was pretty tricky. I needed to use a fork and knife for some parts, and bite through other bits with my teeth. But I definitely got ‘r done, son–and I still had room for dessert! Too bad I didn’t have any leftover pumpkin pie…

Buffalo-style Thanksgiving with Fieri sauce, son!

Now, for me, a pound of Buffalo wings is just a light snack, but when I came across these turkey wings at the grocery store, I figured I wouldn’t hafta pound as many to be fully in my belly. And dude, Longo’s was selling these in pairs for less than two bucks a pop, so you know I had to go all Eddie Money and take some home tonight!


Now, this picture isn’t as zoomed in as you think–these wings are like chicken wings on steroids, son! I was wondering how long to cook ’em; some sites said a couple hours at 350, but I wouldn’t even spend a couple hours watching Metallica in concert, so I turned the heat up to 425 and put ’em in for 20 minutes a side:


But of course, it isn’t Buffalo without the wing sauce. And there’s only one wing sauce this side of the Anchor Bar that’s heading straight down my piehole, dude. I could literally eat this stuff off a flip-flop…but hey, it’s winter boot season, bro!

fieri sauce (1)

After tossing the wings in the sauce in a metal bowl, I threw ’em down with some jalapeno pita chips and an ice-cold Landshark Lager, the really-just-a-dolphin of beers:


Now, this meal was so outta bounds, it was wider right than Scott Norwood! The wings were super-tender, nice kick from the sauce, and the chips were crunchalicious…although even less spicy than a Wendy’s chicken sandwich. But who needs spicy chips with spicy wings, anyways?

Well OK, this guy does. Next time, I’ll hafta get Miss Vicky’s instead!

You call that hand-carved turkey, bro?

Now, a couple weeks back I said I’d never had Subway’s Hand-Carved Turkey Sandwich. But since then, I’ve only seen the ad on TV like 227 times, so I figured I might as well go for a soda and try it. And lemme just say, there’s no way that turkey’s hand-carved; those slices are so uniform and precise that I’m pretty sure a robot cut ‘em or something…


That being said, this sammy ain’t too shabby. The turkey isn’t fresh-off-the-bird, but it’s got a better chew and texture than deli meat. Warmed up some in the Subway bread oven, and now you’re cooking with cranberry mustard sauce, son!

Cuz hey, the sauce is what makes it. You’ve got a bit of sweet, a bit of tang, and a whole lotta love, right here, right now on fresh-baked bread. They said you can add bacon for 50 cents, but you’ll hafta make yer own stuffing. Y’know, I wouldn’t trust any breading that came from a plastic bag, bro!!!

Turkey dinner Texas style—just 15 bones—at Adamson’s, son!

Perhaps you’ve heard of the magical, mystical place that is Adamson’s Barbecue. This legit, real-deal, Texas-style joint is tucked away in an old warehouse in the industrial part of South Leaside, and the lineups are so long they often run outta food before 2 pm. And you could only get it on weekdays…until just recently, when they finally decided to open up shop on Saturday.

So, last weekend, I went down to check it out. I’ve heard they’ve got some righteous ribs and Bomb.ca brisket, but I really wanted to try the smoked turkey. I’ve seen a couple places do turkey in the smoker on Triple D, and I’ve been to a whole buncha BBQ joints here in The Big Smoke—but I had never actually seen this delish dish in the flesh until now:


Now, I gotta say, I’m not normally a really big turkey fan. I’ll have it for Thanksgiving, but I don’t even like leftovers. I mean, I haven’t even tried the hand-carved turkey sandwich at Subway…but I’m pretty sure that Adamson’s checks that sammy hard into the boards, pulls its jersey up over its head, and punches it right in the solar plexus. This bird is super moist and tender, with a nice smoked flavour that you can’t get anywhere else. Shut the back door and buy a ticket, bro!

But of course, that’s not all. This hunka-hunka-burnin’ lunch plate comes with pickles, onions, white bread and a choice of two sides. I got some poppin’ potater salad and a nice crunchy coleslaw, which would probably taste good even on top of a Duck Dynasty burger. And can you believe that all this grub was just 15 bucks!? That’s like a highway robbery in Flavourtown, son!!!!

Why settle for turkey dinner when you can have turkey, ham and beef for brunch?

Now, when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, I’m not really a turkey guy. I figure that anything you hafta spend a whole day cooking better have some bacon, burgers and beer in it. And it turns out you can’t cook a turkey over a tallboy of Old Style Pilsner–not without a massive oven, anyways. So this year, I headed out to the Old Mill Inn, a rustic, homely hotel in Etobicoke just a Josh Donaldson headfirst slide away from the subway…where they’re serving up a real-deal Thanksgiving Day buffet, bro!


So, we’re starting off with a salad and seafood plate. We’ve got potato salad, coleslaw, cold tortellinis, smoked mackerel and a seafood mix of shrimp, scallops and clams, along with some sun-dried peppers or tomatoes or whatever those red things are.


This plate is equal parts breakfast and lunch, son. We’ve got bacon and eggs, raviolis, Greek salad, and a nice garlic herb chicken. We kept the green salad is in the background where it belongs, not on my plate, bro!!!


And that brings us to the main feast, friends. We’ve got fresh-carved roast beef, hand-carved ham, and a side of turkey, with some stuffing and garlic mashed potatoes underneath. The turkey was nice and tender, the ham had a good crispy chew, but the beef is what really makes it. And if you’re asking, “Did he shove all this meat down his piehole and still have room for dessert,” well, I’ve got three words for you, bro:


CHOCOLATE FONDUE FOUNTAIN, DUDE! (Oh wait, I guess that’s four words…)