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Slaying some shrimp tacos @ Wallace Gastropub

Now, I know what you’re thinking… What would a place with a name like Wallace possibly know about tacos, bro??? And hey, I hear ya. Not gonna lie, I wasn’t so sure myself. But after pulling some core mussels at the Wallace Gastropub last summer, I knew their seafood was pretty legit–so we’re heading back for Taco Wednesdays (yes, Wednesdays), where they’re serving up three fully loaded flour tortillas for just $10.95!!!!

wallace_shrimp_tacos (8)

Now, for that price, you could get chicken or fish, but a legit shrimp taco is something you definitely don’t see every day. And lemme tell ya, these babies bring the heat! You’ve got some mixed greens, cilantro, cheese and add-your-own guac, but man, it’s all about the shrimp, son! These big ‘n meaty sea creatures are served up in a sneaky spicy chipotle sauce that’ll make you order another beer or two. Good thing they’ve got some pretty decent craft beers on tap…

black_raspberry_thunder_IPA (10)

Speaking of things you don’t see every day, this Muskoka Black Raspberry Thunder IPA combines the tarty sweetness of raspberries with the slight hoppiness of a not-too-bitter pale ale. And at $7.50 a pint, you can probably drink enough of these that you’re totally taking the TTC home, bro!!!!

Mussels from Brussels @ Wallace Gastropub

So, we’re hanging out at The Wallace Gastropub, this funky craft beer joint on Yonge St, just a flying roundhouse kick away from Davisville. Now, you KNOW I’m always down to check out a joint with good food and good brews, even if it means I gotta park the Camaro and get on the subway. (Rush hour’s a bitch, bro!!!!) And this place’s menu looks pretty legit, with bison chili nachos, a house-smoked-bacon burger, and both kinds of schnitzel–pork AND chicken!

But what brought me here tonight are the three kinds of mussels. These babies will normally set ya back 14 bucks, but on Tuesdays, they’re just $9.99–and that’s with a side of fries, son!

wallace_gastropub_mussels (5)

OK, so maybe a few of the mussels didn’t open, the tomato sauce was a little spicier than I expected, and they were all out of bitchin’ mussel pots, so they had to bring mine in a bowl…but for $9.99, I am definitely not complaining! Especially when I can wash it down with an ice cold Beau’s, bro!

beaus_lug_tread (3)

Not only did we get some dirty mussels, done dirt cheap, but from 4 till 7, Canadian craft beers are just five bucks–which is another reason to avoid rush hour, son! And when it comes to their crisp, golden larger of deliciousness, I definitely think this tractor’s sexy, Brony Chesney!!!!