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This 24 oz porterhouse is a righteous Easter Feaster!

Now, I’m not saying we won’t be going for Easter Sunday brunch on Triple B…but the real Easter feaster already happened last night. We’re talkin’ steak night at Morton’s, with the biggest cut of meat on the menu — 24 ounces of porterhouse steak, son!!!!!

mortons_24_oz_porterhouse (25)

Dude, this steak is cooked to perfection — medium-rare, just the way I like it. I also splurged for some bacon-wrapped scallops, which were also cooked perfectly. And because the First Rule of Flavourtown is “Always add bacon” we also went for the Smoked Gouda & Bacon Au Gratin Potatoes, which has got pretty much everything you need in a side dish, right there. Now, this feaster cost me a pretty penny, but it was soooo good to the late bite, bro!!!!

mortons_porterhouse_aftermath (2)

Of course, you KNOW we’ve still got room for dessert — and at Morton’s, that can only mean one thing:

mortons_hot_chocolate_cake (5)

Dude, Morton’s hot chocolate cake is so legendary, it’s literally right there in the name, bro! The oozy, dripping chocolate goes great with a scoop of vanilla ice cream — I didn’t start feeling full until after I polished this bad boy right off!!!!!

GRAND REOPENING: Great beef short rib @ The Gatsby

Back in 2018, when a pandemic was something that happened 100 years ago, we hit up the Windsor Arms Hotel for some delicious Summerlicious dishes. Since then, it looks like they renamed their dining space from The Living Room to The Gatsby — which might be a bit easier to Google, I guess? We weren’t in anybody’s living room this time, although their side patio was still pretty cozy.

Now, they actually had Cornish hen on the menu again, but when I saw the braised beef short rib, I knew it was gonna be love at first bite…

Meat was super-tender — not quite fork-tender, but they only gave you a butter knife, and I barely needed it. Some nice veggies, along with roast potatoes, and I like how they served the au jus on the side — I would put that on a flip-flop, bro! Now, this meal was pretty filling, but you KNOW I still had room for dessert…

Dude, this is body by warm chocolate cake! While it’s not much bigger than a brownie, it does come with Chantilly cream and some fruit on the side. And it definitely is warm — I almost burned myself when I touched the dish, bro!!!

Speaking of fruit, this St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat Ale was probably the most interesting beer they had here. It’s only slightly fruity, but makes for a nice, crushable summer sipper — I think I had at least three of these…