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Wild boar two ways on a pizza? Whoa…

Now, I don’t always eat wild boar… but when I do, I don’t mind if I do. So when I heard that Local 1794, this cozy gastropub on the Danforth, was serving up a pizza with wild boar two ways — ground meat AND sausage — you KNOW I had to try it, bro!

Dude, this pizza is outta bounds! Nice chewy crust, with a crispy edge. The ground boar has more flavour than the sausage, and goes nicely with the caramelized onions. But the double-smoked bacon really kicks it up a notch. It may not be boar bacon, but it’s still a triple-pork three-way in Flavourtown!!!!!

Of course, beer and pizza go together like peanut butter and bananas (and bananas is good!), so I’m washing this big boy down with a Juicy Ass IPA from Flying Monkeys. We’re no stranger to this beer on Triple B, but it’s not very often that we see it on tap, served in its own pint glass. It even has a re-order line!!!

Wild boar pizza + sea urchin spaghetti @ Dova

Now, we’ve eaten a whole lotta Italian food here on Triple B — but every once in a while, I still come across something I’ve never seen before. So we’re hanging out at DOVA, this funky little joint in Cabbagetown, where they’re putting sea urchin on spaghetti, wild boar and black truffle on pizza, and orange mascarpone in their tiramisu. Shut the front, back and side doors, son!!!!!

dova_sea_urchin_spaghetti (9)

They call this dish Ricci, and it’s got a helmet like former San Jose goon Mike Ricci. Underneath is some fresh Newfoundland sea urchin, on top of spaghetti, all covered in garlic and parsley. Now, I don’t think I’ve ever had sea urchin before — especially not from Newfoundland — but it added a nice creamy touch to the spaghetti.

wild_boar_truffle_pizza (19)

But now they’re about to kick things up another notch with their Fughese pizza — and you don’t even hafta be straight edge to eat it, Bro-an MacKaye! Dude, this pizza’s packing wild boar sausage, black truffles, oyster mushrooms and arugula, plus it’s extra cheesy with fior di latte AND stracciatella! Dude, this has gotta be the best pizza I’ve had all year, and let’s just say I eat a lotta pizza…

raspberry_lavender_gelato_sour (6)

And since we’re not straight edge here on Triple B, we’re washing this all down with a funkalicious brewski. This here’s a Raspberry Lavender Gelato Sour from Fine Balance Brewing straight outta Kingston. Now, i dunno what lavender tastes like, but you definitely get a lotta raspberry in here — it’s like a tropical fruit punch in Flavourtown!!!

dova_orange_tiramisu (4)

Of course we’ve still got room for dessert — and it’s probably safe to say at a place like this, they don’t do tiramisu just like Nonna makes it. Instead, you’ve got orange mascarpone, Cointreau liqueur, candied oranges and pistachios. It wasn’t bad, but I mostly just tasted the orange, bro…