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WINTERLICIOUS 2017: Might as well Jump for this beef brisket, bro!

So, we’re hanging out at Jump, this uptown funky joint in the financial district. Man, this place must be like chilling in Manhattan in the 80’s—and I don’t mean at CBGB’s, cuz it’s pretty fancy-shmancy. But they’re serving up some real deal comfort food for Winterlicious, stuff like Waldorf salad, beef dip sammies and a devil’s chocolate cake. Dude, this is body by devil’s chocolate cake, bro!!!


So, we started off with the black-eyed pea soup, which is like southern comfort in semi-liquid form. You’ve got some smoked ham hock, bits of collard greens, and a whole buncha black-eyed peas. But what really makes it is the chive sour cream. I could eat this stuff off a flip-flop!


Now, I’ve got nothing against seafood chowder or chicken scallopini, but I think you probably knew I was going for the beef dip. We’ve got whiskey-soaked braised beef, sautéed onions and a whole lotta horseradish on a bakery roll, bro! And you know I dipped this in the au jus—I could eat that stuff off a flip-flop…if it wasn’t already covered in sour cream, son!


And then I totally went chocolate cake for dessert. It was kinda dry, and the frosting didn’t knock my socks off, but the sea of crème anglaise definitely kicked things up a notch. Pretty sure I could eat this stuff off a flip-flop…except I don’t have three feet, dudebro!!!

WINTERLICIOUS 2017: …And then we ate Elvis for dessert!

So, we’re hangin’ out at Lisa Marie, this funkalicious food palace on Queen St West. Man, last time was here, I totally went to town on some meatballs that were so big, I could barely fit ‘em in my mouth! This place is super-legit, so I knew for Winterlicious, they’d be doing it up right…and they definitely didn’t disappoint!


They call these Alabama Tailgaters, and they party harder than a Buffalo Bills fan, bro! What we’ve got here is some beef tenderloin, stuffed with cheese and kim chi, and then wrapped in bacon, son! The beef is nice and tender, the bacon is crispalicious, and then you’ve got these righteous green beans swimming in chili sauce underneath. Pretty sure I could slam seven of these!!!


But the star of the show was the house-smoked ribs. The entire Triple B crew went with the pig bones, and they were on point. Nice, smoky flavour, meat was nice and tender…and then you got a bit of coleslaw and cornbread on the side. At this point, I figured out that the Winterlicious menu does not give you full-sized portions. I mean, this is not much of a dessert, really:


But lemme tell ya, brother, what it lacks in size, it more than makes up in flavour! They call this dish The Elvis, and it’s got brioche French toast, brown-sugar bananas—and bananas are good—peanut butter, whipped cream, and then a little piece of candied bacon on top. It’s like you’re caught in a trap, and you can’t break out, because you’re eating Elvis baby!!!!

WINTERLICIOUS 2017: Be vewry vewry quiet…we’re eating wrabbit!

So, we’re hanging out at Bodega on Baldwin St, this funky French joint with a Spanish name. Now, if you’re from Noo Yawk, you’d know that a bodega is a corner store with lotsa cats—but it’s a totally different vibe here. You definitely won’t find a shelf full of Funyuns at this place, son!


What they do have at Bodega are some righteous, real-deal, funky eats. So, we started out with the blue crab cakes, served nice ‘n hot in a crunchy panko breading with a whole lotta ancho mayo on top for a nice added kick. Of course, they only put the mayo on the top cake, so, y’know, I had to distribute it more evenly. No biggie!


But the real reason we’re here is for the rabbit leg served coq au vin style, with scalloped potatoes, pearl onions, mushrooms, carrots and green beans. Now, I hate to say it tastes like chicken, but with the way they prepared it, you definitely get that feeling—it’s like lapin au vin, Jacques Martin! But at the same time, it also kinda has the texture of roast pork. The scalloped ‘taters are super crispy, and you get a nice little bite of mushroom here, a little onion there… This is probably the first time in my life I’ve eaten green beans two days in a row though, bro!


But here’s the real pièce de résistance—unemployment pudding for dessert! This Quebec tradition is served up with maple syrup sauce, a side of ice cream, and a couple blueberries for just a bit of tartness. This dish is so tasty, I’ve got the Unemployment Pudding Blues, bro!!!

WINTERLICIOUS 2017: Turkey sausage party in my mouth, bro!

So, we’re hanging out at Biff’s Bistro, this funky French joint on Front St. E. Normally, this place is pretty fancy-schmancy, but for Winterlicious, they’re serving up three course for just 38 bucks—about the same price as an entrée on their regular menu.


Now, I gotta say, I did not know that velouté was a soup when I saw it on the menu. But hey, when you throw in some Yukon gold potatoes, raclette cheese and a baby gerkin on top, I could eat that off a flip-flop!


On the other hand, I was pretty sure I knew what boudin is—a blood sausage stuffed with rice. But this here is boudin blanc, and they make it with turkey instead. You’ve got a nice, crispy char on the meat, a tasty potato mash, some sauerkraut, green beans and a couple caramelized apples, for a little sugar. Shut the back door!


Of course I still had room for dessert, and I know you’re thinking this is probably the smallest slice of chocolate cake you’ve ever seen. But man, this thing is richer than some of the guys in Trump’s cabinet, with a thick layer of caramel, some toasted oats, and a couple buckthorn berries, for that extra kick. I still couldda eaten a bigger piece though, bro!!!