Top 5 Food Cities

Here at Triple B, we’re no strangers to Flavourtown Roadtrips. Now, let’s bust out the Europe, cuz it’s time for the final countdown. Here are my top five favourite food cites from all over this country!

5. Cleveland


Make no mistake: This rust-belt city is going through a revival. From a legit little Italy to real-deal BBQ from none other than Chef Michael Symon to an actual shark sandwich (pictured above), Cleveland has no shortage of tasty foodstuffs!



4. Las Vegas


When I hit up Sin City, I drop so much on food that I don’t have enough money left to gamble, bro! Whether it’s German schnitzel, fish tacos, Irish nachos or Bud Light Limearita in a mason jar, I don’t go home hungry, that’s for sure.



3. Nashville

nashville_hot_chicken (1)

Known for its legendary hot chicken (not to mention country music), Music City also boasts all sorts of comfort food classics–BBQ, biscuits, catfish, hush puppies…even jalapeno bacon! And you can eat good in the neighbourhood for 30 bucks or less!



2. Austin


Man, this place has everything; breakfast tacos, fried chicken ‘n waffles, legit BBQ, real-deal Mexican… Even the food at the airport doesn’t suck!



1. Seattle

pike_place_market (2)

Sure, there’s Pike Place Fish Market and some of the freshest clam chowder, calamari and fish ‘n chips you’ll find all over this country. But you can also get all kinds of good stuff here, from deep-fried candied bacon, to a breakfast burrito served Christmas style, to a chicken-fried steak as big as your head.


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